Health & Safety Guidelines

Health & Safety Guidelines

In the case of serious illness or accident, staff will attempt to contact the parent immediately. Please ensure that the telephone contact you have given is correct. If emergency treatment is required an ambulance will be arranged without delay and an educator will stay with your child. It is essential that all parents sign the authority for staff to seek treatment at a hospital or call a doctor and/or ambulance so that emergency treatment may be commenced. The staff keep a record of any accidents which occur at the centre, and will inform you if your child has hurt him/herself.

Sun Protection

  • Children and educators are required to wear protective clothing when outside. This includes: hats and shirts that cover their shoulders and necks.
  • Children will be asked to wear hats for outdoor play. Children who do not have a hat, must play in sheltered areas or stay inside.
  • Sun cream is available. Children will be encouraged to apply this before going outdoors. Please speak to an educator if you would prefer your child not to wear sunscreen, or if your child requires a specific Sun Cream we ask that you please provide it (e.g. Sensitive Skin)
  • Safety of the Environment

  • Parents and visitors are asked not to smoke on the premises.
  • The centre has an emergency evacuation procedure in place and it is practiced on a regular basis.
  • Staff conduct an ‘Outdoor Area Checklist’ each day to check for hazards in the outdoor environment.
  • A monthly Occupational Health & Safety checklist is conducted at our Centre to identify any potential hazards indoors and outdoors.
  • Educators conduct an ‘Indoor & Outdoor Area Checklist’ each day to check for hazards in the outdoor environment.
  • Maintenance requirements are communicated to our OHS office who arrange for trades people to attend to the matter.
  • All educators have their Senior First Aid qualifications.
  • Medication

    Children may be given medication at the Centre if:

  • The medication is clearly labelled for each child and in the original container with a current use-by-date.
  • Parent completes and signs a medical authorization from and hands the medication to the room leader on duty.
  • Over the counter medication will not be administered(unless labelled by a pharmacist / doctor).
  • Immunisation

  • Childhood illness can often be life-threatening to your children. In the interest of the health of all children attending the centre you are required to provide an immunisation certificate to the Authorised Supervisor (prior to commencement) as required under the Public Health Act.
  • Should there be a medical, cultural or religious reason for your child not being immunised you are requested to present a doctor’s certificate or a statutory declaration stating the reason. Should your child not be immunised for either of the above reasons he/she will need to be excluded from the centre, if a condition usually prevented by immunisation occurs. Fees will be payable during this time.
  • Immunisations must be kept up-to-date and the Authorised Supervisor notified each time an immunisation is completed and immunisation history statement can be accesses from my gov, medicare or the Australian immunisation register on 1800653809