Welcome to

 Walkley Heights Child Care Centre

Welcome to Walkley Heights Child Care Centre, where the children have fun, gain friendships and learn life long skills, also where you as parents will have the confidence to leave your child in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why enrol your child in child care?

There are many benefits for children to spend time in Child Care:

¬  opportunities to engage in a wider range of play activities that are challenging and developmentally appropriate 

¬  emphasis on socialisation

¬  encouraged to be part of the larger community

¬  encouraged to develop their mind and body 

¬  encouraged to develop a positive self-image and autonomy 

¬  preparation for school    

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Our Rooms

Our Centre is made up of 3 rooms
Crawling Caterpillars Nursery – 6 weeks – 2years
Jumping Frog Toddler Rooms – 2years – 3.6 years
Busy Bees Kindy Room – 3.6 years – School Age

Our Rooms

Our Gallery

Why Choose us ?

 We aim to:
¬  Provide a secure happy and caring environment, which we will promote the feeling of trust, acceptance and belonging, being and becoming
¬  Provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, which encourages all round development of the child’s mind and body
 ¬  Promote positive feelings of self worth. Children are encouraged to feel that they are a unique individual
 ¬  Develop respect for other people’s beliefs and culture
 ¬  Guide children in a positive way, to accept the logical consequences of their behaviour
 ¬  Strive to create a program which truly reflects the lives of our children, family and community by recognizing the impact which culture plays on families, and to build strong partnerships with all families and the community
 ¬  To build on each child’s interest and strengths and to be mindful of their needs and beliefs
 ¬  Be flexible, efficient, friendly, non-judgmental and always willing to learn
 ¬  Learn a love of nature and respect for the environment and work towards developing environmentally sustainable practices
 ¬  We acknowledge that learning is life-long and we are committed to ongoing professional development
 Our centre liaises with many local services like the local library, Child and Youth Health, Inclusive Directions, Department for Education and Child Development, Special Needs Services and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, National Disability Insurance Scheme etc.
Should you have any concerns of your child’s development or you need help to seek services, please speak to the staff or management.
We encourage open communication between staff, parents and children.

Providing a Home away from Home Environment

Providing children with lots of different experiences and activities

Educators that are committed to caring for your child