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Enrolment Form

Enrolment Form

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We feel honored that you have chosen our centre to further your child’s education, development and care. At Walkley Heights Child Care Centre we are passionate about delivering the best education and care possible. Our mission is to provide a ‘high-quality’ service within a secure, warm and loving environment. We will ensure all your child’s needs are satisfied emotionally, physically and psychologically. Here at Walkley Heights Child Care Centre we manage all our enquiries as promptly as possible. Please do not hesitate to speak to us in person, over the phone, email or via our Facebook page.

We ask that you please return your enrolment form as soon as possible, so we can upload the booking to our system, before your child is due to start, that way it gives you enough time to go onto your MyGov account and confirm your childs enrolment.

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ENROLMENT FORM – Printable Copy of Enrolment Form

Register for the enrolment process.

  • Step 1. Please click on the For Parents Menu 
  • Step 2. Select Online Enrolment Form 
  • Step 3. Fill all the details
  • Step 4. Submit The Form
  • We will call you to confirm that we have received it!